Child Health Nurses

The nurses at The Children’s Doctor are here to help and equip you with the skills needed for your hardest role ever………. being a parent. No question is too big or too small.

What to see our nurses for:

0-6 months

Baby health checks, (including weight, height, and head circumference), feeding issues (breast or bottle), introduction to solids, sleeping and settling, milestones and Immunisations.

12-18 months

Walking, talking, diet, changing to cows milk, sleep, tantrums and behaviour

2 years

Toilet training, talking, sleeping, eating, behaviour

4 years

Speech, nutrition, behaviour, fine and gross motor skills, sleeping

12 years

School needles

Flu vaccines

All ages – (march to September)



Christina White

Christina White

Practice Nurse

Christina is a registered nurse with a graduate certificate in paediatrics. Having worked at Westmead Children’s Hospital in the medical/respiratory ward for 8 years she has a wide range of skills caring for unwell children and their families.

Christina is passionate about helping parents around baby feeding, sleeping and embracing and supporting the transition into motherhood.

She’s a proud mother to two young children.

Aliesha Walmsley

Aliesha Walmsley

Practice Nurse

Aliesha (Ali) is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years’ experience working in paediatrics.

Having worked between Randwick and Westmead Children’ Hospitals in this time she’s gained skills in helping children with a wide range of medical and surgical issues.

She holds a Masters in Nursing, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health Nursing.

She’s a proud mum of 3 children, and is passionate about helping children live as healthy and happy lives as possible.

Jade Hay

Jade Hay

Practice Nurse

Jade has 11 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse at Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Working in Orthopaedics, neuro surgery and specialising in plastic surgery and wound care. For the last 3 years Jade has also been providing anti-wrinkle injections.