Speech Pathologist

At The Children’s Doctor we provide speech pathology services that make language, learning and literacy fun every step of the way. We are an innovative clinic offering a wide range of services to children, including an experienced speech pathologist.

With experience in the assessment and treatment of communication difficulties in children, our aim is to design therapy goals and strategies to enable your child to gain the most from sessions. We work closely with families, teachers and other professionals to ensure your child reaches their full potential.

We provide speech therapy services for children aged 12 months to 18 years of age with the following communication difficulties:

–       Speech and articulation delays
–       Receptive and expressive language delays/disorder
–       Apraxia
–       Voice disorders
–       Stuttering
–       Autism/PDD-NOS
–       Developmental/delays
–       Literacy difficulties: reading, spelling and writing
–       Phonological awareness
–       Auditory memory delays
–       Paediatric feeding therapy for children



If your child is not meeting their developmental milestones and/or is having difficulty with any of the following areas it is recommended that you contact our speech pathologist to discuss your concerns.

–       Using grammar
–       Following instructions
–       Producing sentences
–       Clearly articulating their words/sounds
–       Literacy (reading, spelling and writing)
–       Completing school work
–       Stutter or fluency
–       Social skills/playing with other children
–       Answering questions and understanding stories.

Contact us on 9680 2708 to make an appointment with our Speech Pathologist at The Children’s Doctor.

Inika Dongre

Inika Dongre

Speech Pathologist

Inika is a dedicated speech pathologist with a passion for transforming lives through communication and feeding therapy. With diverse experiences in the field, Inika has worked with both adults and children facing various communication and swallowing challenges.

Inika has had experience working with adults who required therapy for traumatic brain injuries and those with developmental disabilities.

In paediatrics, Inika currently supports children with autism, genetic syndromes and developmental delays. Her areas of practice include speech, language, voice, fluency, and
paediatric feeding.

Inika’s approach to therapy is deeply rooted in collaboration and empathy. She believes in working closely alongside families, ensuring that each child’s unique needs are met. By navigating the complex world of communication and feeding challenges together, Inika strives to empower both parents and their little ones on their journey towards enhanced communication and improved quality of life.

Inika is a compassionate advocate for the transformative power of speech therapy and paediatric feeding support.